Pool Table Vs Snooker Table: Know The Differences!

It is easy to mistake a snooker table for a pool table and vice versa. After all, both tables are rectangular in shape and feature a felt cloth covering their tabletops. However, despite their apparent similarities, they do have their differences.

The main difference is size. Compared to pool tables, snooker tables are quite large and take up more room. Secondly, the pockets on a snooker table are narrower than those on a pool table. And this is why snooker is considered to be harder to master than the pool. 

So what are some of the main differences between the Pool table vs snooker table? Well, let’s find out. 

A Quick Comparison Of Pool Table Vs Snooker Table

Pool TableSnooker Table
Table size7 to 9 ft10 to 12 ft
Pocket sizeWiderNarrow
Pocket ShapeWide without any curveCurved on the inside
The height29.25 to 31 inches33.5 to 34.5 inches
Playing surfacesMore frictionLess friction
 Cushion liningPyramid or V shape L shape
Table feltMore FrictionSmooth
Felt colourgreen, blue, or other colorsgreen Color
The priceComparatively CheapPricier
Room space5.5 by 4.1 meters6.7 by 4.9 meters
PortabilityPortableless portable

Snooker table

Snooker tables are larger than pool tables and have six pockets that are smaller than those found in pool tables. A standard snooker table will typically be 12ft and 6ft in size. In a game of snooker, a total of 21 balls are used. There are 15 red balls, each worth one point. 

Another six balls are colored differently, with the last ball being white and is called the cue ball. 

Pool table

On the other hand, Pool tables are on average smaller, with a standard full-sized pool table measuring 9 ft by 4.5 ft. A pool table also has six pockets, and the game is played with a set of 16 2 ¼ inch balls. Eight of these are colored and numbered 1 to 8, with another seven stripped and numbered 8 to 15. Their final ball is white and is known as the cue ball. 

The main differences between snooker and pool tables

Snooker table vs pool table

While pool and snooker are pretty similar, and it is easy to confuse the two sports, they have some differences. The main differences between the two are

Table size

As already mentioned, snooker tables tend to be larger than pool tables. On average, snooker tables are 10 to 12 ft long. Contrastingly, pool tables are typically 7 to 9 ft in length. 

Pocket size and shape

Pool table pocket vs snooker table pocket

Another noticeable difference between the two is the size and shape of the table pockets. Pool tables usually have wider pockets. Even the corner pockets that are usually narrower than the side pockets will be wider than all the six pockets on a snooker table.

Therefore snooker table pockets tend to be narrower, and it is hard to slot a pool table ball into a snooker table pocket. Also, the pockets differ in their shape. Snooker table pockets are curved on the inside, while pool table pockets are wide without any curve.

The height

On average, pool tables tend to be shorter than snooker tables. The distance from the floor to the table bed of a standard pool table is 29.25 to 31 inches. This is shorter than the standard height of a standard snooker table which stands at 33.5 to 34.5 inches. English snooker tables are usually taller than American snooker tables.

Table markings

pool table marking vs snooker table marking

The table markings of a snooker table differ from those of a pool table. In a snooker table, two diagonal lines intersect, each drawn from the center of one of the bottom corner pockets to the center of the side pocket.

A spot is marked where the two lines intersect. There is also a line drawn straight from the cushion, and its length is ⅕ the length of the table length. On a pool table, you have brown, blue, pink, and black spots drawn along the central line of the table. There is also a D-like semi-circle that is ⅓ the width of the playing field width. This D semi-circle is absent in snooker tables.


Pool tables are used as a multifunctional table. They can be used for other games, such as air hockey. However, snooker tables typically aren’t multifunctional and are designed for snooker only.

Playing surfaces

The playing surfaces of pool tables have a bit more friction than that of a snooker table. Snooker table surfaces are covered in a cloth made from very soft material like merino wool. The soft surface is necessary to make the balls glide faster on the larger surface.

The cushion lining

pool table Cushion lining vs snooker table Cushion lining

The cushion lining on pool tables has a pyramid or V shape. On the other hand, the lining on snooker tables has an L shape.

Table felt

The felt cloth used on snooker and pool tables can also differ. In snooker, the felt cloth material has to be smooth and exceptionally smooth to make the balls glide faster. On a pool table, the material adds friction to make the balls glide slower due to the difference in size. 

The felt cloth color on a pool table can be green, blue, or other colors. Typically on a snooker table, the felt cloth is green in color.

The price

Snooker tables are pricier than pool tables. On average, a pool table can set you back $800, while a snooker table will cost you between $1200 and $1500.

Room space

Due to them being larger, snooker tables will require more room space than pool tables. On average, a full-sized snooker table will require at least 6.7 by 4.9 meters of room space. A full-sized pool table will require 5.5 by 4.1 meters of room space.

Weight and portability

As you may have already guessed, snooker tables are heavier and less portable than pool tables. Some pool tables are small enough to be portable. 

Similarities between the two that makes anyone confused

The design

The design of snooker and pool tables is the same, both a rectangular shape with six pockets

The table material

Both snooker and pool tables are constructed from primarily the same material, either MDF or slate

The felt cloth

Covering the table on both will be a felt cloth

Playing Style

The two games are largely the same when it comes to playing as in both games, the goal is to slot balls into the six pockets

Use of cues

In both games, you use a cue to hit the balls

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to play snooker on a pool table?

Yes, you may need to change the table markings to fit the snooker markings, but for low-level amateur games, you can do without. 

Can I play pool on a snooker table?

Yes, however, since balls used in the pool are larger while the pockets of a snooker table are smaller, it will be harder to pot the balls. It is easier to play snooker on a pool table than playing pool on a snooker table.

Should I buy a pool or snooker table?

Well, it depends on a few things. First, if you want to sharpen your snooker skills and have little interest in playing pool, buying a snooker table makes more sense. However, if space is an issue, a pool table will be a better option as it is smaller and can fit into smaller-sized rooms. 

Do pool tables come with snooker markings?

No, however, you can make the markings yourself using a proper guide and a permanent marker.

Which game is more popular?

Pool is undoubtedly more popular as it is typically easier to slot pool balls into the pockets than snooker. The latter also requires a higher emphasis on strategy and accuracy than pool. 


While both games look very similar, there are several differences between them, some subtle and others more noticeable. Overall, they are two cue games enjoyed by many; snooker is more popular in England, Canada, and Australia, with pool being popular in most parts of the world.

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