Best High End Pool Tables Of 2022

If you are looking to invest in a pool table and don’t want to compromise on quality, be ready to spend more. However, the extra you pay will be well worth it as high-end pool tables offer the best in terms of design, construction, and playing experience.

But just because a table costs $2000 plus does not mean it’s the best. Thus when shopping for the best high-end pool table, you will want to pay close attention to the tables you find. After all, you don’t want to end up with an overpriced, low-quality table.

To assist you get the best value for your money, we have put together a list of six high-end pool tables that we believe are worth their hefty price tags. More importantly, we have included a guide on selecting the best professional pool table from the various options available.

The best high-end pool table on our list is the Barrington Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table. This pool table ticks all the right boxes; it is easy to assemble, made from high-quality materials, and is not as expensive as other high-end models.

The runner-up is the Hathaway Alpine 8-ft Outdoor Pool Table with Aluminum Frame. This table is designed for outdoor use. It is capable of withstanding different weather conditions without being too pricey. 

The Best High-end tables Review

Barrington Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table


  • 50% wool blend felt surface
  • K66 rubber bumpers
  • 95.5” x 53.5” x 32” dimensions
  • Birchwood table top with oak finish
  • 298 pounds weight
  • 2 ¼ inch balls and 57-inch cue sticks included

Product Overview After An Extensive Research

The Barrington Urban Professional Billiard pool table has an elegant and modern design and should be a great addition to any game room. The table is made of birchwood, while the legs are covered in plastic.

On the surface is a wool felt that is black. The felt cover is nice, and the bumpers and side rails are. They offer just the right amount of bounce. This table will require assembling, but the top does come already assembled with the felt attached.

This makes the assembly process a bit easier, and with some help, it should take you about 30 to 40 minutes to assemble. The leg levelers of the table are also great, but we did notice some slight movement, but not enough to be a problem.

While this isn’t a slate table, it is sturdy and plays well. The balls roll smoothly on the black felt surface. The leather drop pockets are great. The table comes with chalk, table brush, cues, and billiard balls. 

Reasons Behind Choosing This Model

  • It has an elegant and modern design 
  • While it is heavy, it is not complicated to assemble
  • The k66 rubber bumpers provide good ball bounce
  • It comes with a set of 2 ¼ inch billiard balls, 57-inch cue sticks, chalk, and table brush included
  • It measures 8 ft long, the same as a standard tournament size table.

Facts Need To Be Concerned

  • It is quite heavy, and you will need help moving its parts in for assembly
  • The felt tabletop tends to scuff easily.

Most Impressive thing about this model

Sure, this pool table is expensive, but it is not the most costly compared to higher-end slate tables. At the same time, it offers the same quality you would expect from tournament-style tables and should be a lot of fun for you and the family.

Hathaway Alpine 8-ft Outdoor Pool Table with Aluminum Frame


  • k55 rubber cushions
  • UV-resistant felt cover
  • Aluminum frame
  • ABS plastic drop pockets
  • 99-in length x 55-in width x 31-in height dimensions
  • Nylon cover included

Product Overview After An Extensive Research

Pool tables are typically designed for indoor use. However, there are some exceptions, and the Hathaway Alpine 8 ft outdoor pool table is one of those exceptions. This pool table has an aluminum frame and a UV-resistant felt.

Making it the perfect choice for your patio or any other outdoor space. The aluminum frame is white in color and blends in nicely with the electric blue felt of the tabletop. This gives it an eye-catching design that is sure to grab your visitor’s attention.

It is not as good as slate tabletops when it comes to playability. However, it is sufficient for what it is designed for, i.e., outdoor use. The cushions are made from k55 rubber, and they do provide a nice ball.

At 8 ft long, this table is also heavy, and you will need help moving it. The ABS plastic pockets are good enough to withstand outdoor conditions better than leather. 

Reasons Behind Choosing This Model

  • It is built to withstand outdoor conditions and is perfect for outdoor use
  • Measuring 8 ft long, it offers a playing field that is of the same size as a tournament table
  • The felt is UV resistant and will withstand the sun and rain
  • It comes with a nylon cover included adding a layer of protection
  • Also included are all accessories needed to start playing

Facts Need To Be Concerned

  • The felt surface is not as good as other professional-style pool tables.
  • Does not have markings on the table or the sides

Most Impressive thing about this model

This is designed for outdoor use, and there is a bit of a compromise in some areas in favor of outdoor dependability. However, you are likely not to notice the compromises if you play pool for fun. Overall, this will be a great table to buy if you do not have enough room in your house for one.

Imperial 8′ Outdoor Pool Table


  • K66 rubber cushions
  • Anodized aluminum rails
  • 5-inch leg levelers
  • 18mm thick taclon cloth playing surface material
  • 814 pounds weight

Product Overview After An Extensive Research

The Imperial 8′ outdoor pool table is the best professional pool table for outdoor use. The frame and legs are made from Anodized aluminum. It will require assembling, but it is an excellent table for outdoor use once assembled.

One of the best things about this table is the use of k66 rubber cushions. These offer a better ball bounce than the k55 rubber cushions found on other outdoor pool tables. The table has a nice caramel color that looks nice in person.

The playing surface has a tan/brownish color. However, the surface isn’t a felt material but made from taclon. Nonetheless, the surface is smooth, and most people won’t notice that it isn’t felt. Also, the fabric used is better for outdoor use than conventional felt materials. 

As you would expect this table is quite heavy and you will need the help of about four people to move it. The assembly process may take a bit of time but is not complicated.

Reasons Behind Choosing This Model

  • Provides an even and smooth playing surface in all weather conditions
  • It is not difficult to assemble
  • The table comes with all the accessories needed to start playing
  • The anodized aluminum rails and fame hold up well outdoors
  • Features k66 rubber cushions that provide a nice bounce

Facts Need To Be Concerned

  • It is pretty heavy, and you will require help moving it
  • Over time it will need recovering, and owners have complained it is hard to find the recover material

Most Impressive thing about this model

If you want a table to use outdoors, that will last for a very long time; this will be a great option. It is made from high-quality materials designed to make it withstand weather conditions. And while it is heavy, assembling it is pretty straightforward.

Playcraft Monaco 8′ Slate Pool Table with Dining Top


  • K55 rubber bumpers
  • ¾ inch thick three layer slate table
  • Leveling system
  • 8 inch long
  • 21-ounce wool blend felt cover
  • One year warranty

Product Overview After An Extensive Research

The Playcraft Monaco 8 inch pool table looks more like an elegant and modern dining table than a pool table, which is fitting given that it also doubles up as a dining table. Thus you essentially get two tables for the price of one.

The table itself has a slate tabletop that is ¾ inch thick. As such you can expect it to last for a very long time. Also, it offers the same playing experience you would expect from a tournament-level pool table. 

The silver finish frame blends in well in terms of design, with the red felt cover and the black bumpers. You can, however, choose a different felt color from 25 different color options. The bumpers are made from k55 rubber.

Given that this is a slate table, the installation can be tricky. The manufacturer recommends having assembly done by a professional, and so do we. It also comes with a leveling system that allows for adjustments during installation.

Reasons Behind Choosing This Model

  • It has a slate tabletop that offers exceptional playability and a smooth surface
  • It can be used as a dining table as well as a pool table
  • You have 25 felt cover color options to choose from
  • It has a modern, sleek design that resembles a dining table, making it an excellent addition to any dining area
  • It comes with a one year warranty

Facts Need To Be Concerned

  • Assembly is best done by a professional
  • This table is quite heavy and is meant to be a more permanent fixture.

Most Impressive thing about this model

This is the perfect high-end pool table for anyone looking for a table that is more than a pool table. It works well as a dining table and has the design to match. Furthermore, since it is a slate table, it offers an exceptional playing surface for you to enjoy playing pool on.

Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Breckenridge Pool Table


  • Solid pine wood frame
  • Three layer 1-inch slate tabletop
  • T-nut rail construction for precise alignment during construction
  • Accu-Fast cushions
  • 8 inches in length
  • 2 58 inch maple cue sticks included

Product Overview After An Extensive Research

One of the priciest pool tables on the market is the Olhausen Billiards 8 ft pool table. This costs almost double the cost of some of our other entrants on the list. So is it worth its hefty price tag?

The short answer, Yes. This slate pool table is made from solid pine with a Breckenridge finish. This guarantees years of playing. More importantly, the pool tabletop is made from a three-piece one-inch slate. 

This gives you the playing experience you would expect from a regulation-size pool table. In essence, it is the perfect table to hone your skills and become a pro. The felt cover is available in 24 different color options.

When you buy this pool table, you also get all the accessories that accompany it. The accessories include 2 58 inch maple cue sticks, 1 set of B billiard balls, a triangle rack, and a rail brush. The pockets are made of leather to guarantee durability

Reasons Behind Choosing This Model

  • It has a slate tabletop that offers an even and smooth playing surface
  • It comes with all accessories need to start playing
  • Made from solid pine wood and will last longer than most tables
  • You get to choose from 24 different felt colors
  • The table is made from high-quality materials

Facts Need To Be Concerned

  • It is quite pricey compared to other tables
  • The table is heavy, and assembly is best done by a professional

Most Impressive thing about this model

While it is pricier than the other tablets on our list, it is well worth the price. It is made from high-quality materials and is of the same quality as the tables found in tournaments. 

Brunswick 8-Foot Black Wolf Pool Table


  • Metal pocket corners with round rail sights
  • Contender woolen felt cloth
  • 1 piece 1-inch thick slate tabletop
  • 101 Long x 57 Wide x 32 High Inches assembled dimensions
  • Accessory kit with all accessories included
  • 700 pounds weight

Product Overview After An Extensive Research

The Brunswick 8 foot black wolf pool table is similar to what you would find in a pool hall. Made from wood, the table should last for a very long time. Its black color with chrome metal pocket corners gives it an elegant design.

The metal pockets are protected with round rail sights. As for the playing surface, it is covered in woolen felt cloth. The surface is knot-free and offers a smooth playing surface. You can choose from various felt color choices.

This table will require a professional installer to assemble. Thankfully the manufacturer does offer delivery and installation, so installation should not be a problem. The table is heavy, but this ensures a stable playing surface.

In terms of accessories, you get a set of billiard balls, 58-inch cue sticks, 12 chalk pieces, and an eight ball plastic rack. It also features leg levelers, which help maintain stability on different surfaces.

Reasons Behind Choosing This Model

  • You can choose from various felt color options
  • The table is well made and is durable
  • The accessory kit comes with all necessary accessories for playing
  • The delivery will also include installation of the table
  • The tabletop is made from a 1 piece 1-inch thick slate

Facts Need To Be Concerned

  • The blue felt color option is not truly blue and looks more like a gray
  • The table is quite heavy

Most Impressive thing about this model

This is another exceptional pool table that is of the same quality as the pool tables found in pool halls and tournaments. Thus you should enjoy a better playing experience on it than on other pool tables. 

Quick Comparison Of My Selected High-end Pool Tables

BarringtonHathaway Imperial OlhausenBrunswick
Dimensions (inch)95.5 x 53.5 x 3299 x 55 x 3190 x 54 x 688 x 44 x 30101 x 57 x 32
298.1 Pounds

305.8 Pounds
815.7 PoundsN/A700 Pounds
MaterialWoodAluminumPolyester, AluminumWood, Leather
Base Material
PlasticAluminumMaple Wood, Plastic, WoodPlastic, Metal, Wood
Assembly RequiredYesYesYesYesYes
Included Accessories57″ cue sticks (2), chalk (2), billiard ball set, brush, triangle ball rack‎‎2composite cues, ABS drop pockets, (1) 2 – ¼ In. balls, ABS plastic triangle, ABS plastic brush, a rip resistant nylon cover, (2)chalk2 cues, a set of polyester balls, (2) chalk, triangle, table cover(2) 58” natural maple cues, (1) set of grade “B” balls, (1) two-piece black cue rack, (1) plastic 8 ball triangle, (1) plastic 9 ball rack, and (1) plastic rail brushbilliard balls, (4)58-inch Contender (2)cues, a 2-piece bridge stick, a bridgehead, a black plastic 8-ball rack, a plastic table brush, (12) chalk

How To Choose The Best high-end pool table

how to choose a high-end pool table

Before splashing money on the best pool table under 3000, there are several things you should be aware of first. The main one is what makes a high-end pool table other than price. Here are the main things to consider when shopping for the best high-end pool tables.

Bed material

The bed is the surface on which you play and is covered by a felt cloth. The best bar pool table has a bed made from slate. This is a thick rock that is tough and offers exceptional precision. It is the best material for making pool table beds.

This means slate pool tables cost more than other types of tables. However, they are well worth it as they offer a level of precision and accuracy that wooden beds cannot rival. If you are looking to spend under $3000, there are plenty of tables with beds made from wood. 

The size of the table

High-end pool tables typically measure 7 inches and above in length. In most cases, they measure 8 inches long. Thus when you want to get a high-end pool table make sure you have sufficient room. You can opt for a dual-use table such as the Playcraft Monaco 8′ Slate Pool Table with Dining Top.

Suppose you do not have enough space to accommodate an additional table and want to use one table for playing and dining. Overall, high-end pool tables are usually large and will require more room than cheaper tables.

Table usage

If you plan to use your pool table outside, for example, on your patio, you will need one with a metallic frame such as aluminum. On the flip side, if you want a pool table to keep inside your gaming room or basement, then the wood will be an ideal frame material.

The Warranty

You are spending a lot of money on your high-end pool table, and you want to be able to return it in case it is defective. Thus, a warranty is a must for any high-end pool table. Some will offer a one-year warranty, while others will offer a longer warranty. You typically want a longer warranty, but tables with a longer warranty will typically cost more.

Included accessories

When you spend $2000 plus on a pool table, you want it to come with all the accessories you need to start playing. As such, check if a table comes with all accessories from balls, cue sticks, triangle rack, and even a rail brush.

The rail cushions

The cushions are typically made of rubber to make the balls bounce against the table walls. How well the balls bounce will depend on the rubber used. K66 rubber is used in pricier tables and tends to be better than k55 rubber.

Time to assemble

The priciest pool tables will require professional assembling. This isn’t a big deal, though, as some high-end brands such as Olhausen and Brunswick offer assembly on delivery. These brands are usually costlier than others, but the professional assembling you get is worth it.

The brand

You want to spend your money on a pool table from a well-known and reputable brand. There are several top pool table brands. The most recognizable in the high-end pool table market include Hathaway, Olhausen, Brunswick, and Imperial.

Top high-end pool table brands

high-end pool table brands

Brunswick: Brunswick is a brand known for its high-quality pool tables and has been making lifestyle products for over 170 years. This company’s pool tables don’t come cheap, with most costing over $3000.

Imperial: Imperial is known for making outdoor pool tables, and just like Brunswick, their tables cost over $3000. However, there is a notable difference in quality between Imperial tables and other outdoor tables.

Hathaway: unlike Brunswick and Imperial, Hathaway has pool tables priced at different price ranges. They have pool tables costing below $1000 while their high-end models cost more than $2000.

Olhausen: Starting back in 1973, Olhausen Billiards makes specialized pool tables. Unlike most other companies, Olhausen focuses on quality, not quantity. As such, their sole focus is on making the best pool table, and theirs are among the best if not the best pool tables.

What makes a pool table expensive?

  • Bed material: Expensive pool tables have a bed made of slate. This rocky material is harder to work with and costs more than other materials such as wood. However, it offers the most level surface of any material used to make the pool table bed.
  • Hardwood frame: Hardwoods such as maple and oak are used to make the frames of high-end pool tables. These hardwoods are usually pricier than materials such as ABS plastic that are used to make cheap pool tables.
  • Size: size is another factor that will influence the price; high-end tables tend to be larger than cheap tables. Most high-end tables are 8 inches long, while more affordable models are below 7 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pool table do professionals use?

Professionals use pool tables used by professionals measure 8 inches long and have a slate table bed. 7-inch pool tables are primarily used in bars. 

What is the most expensive pool table in the world?

The most expensive pool table in the world has to be the Queen Victoria Jubilee Billiard Table, priced at $1.5 million. It comes with a cupboard that illustrates the different periods of the reign of Queen Victoria, hence the name.

How much does a high-end pool table cost?

High-end pool tables cost anywhere between $2000 up to $15,000. However, on average most pool tables will cost between $2000 and $7000. Pool tables priced over $3000 are usually of very high quality.


When you want to spend $2000 plus on a pool table, quality will be top of your mind. Thus, purchasing a table from a brand known for producing quality tables makes sense. The tables we have reviewed are costly, but they do not compromise on quality. 

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